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Motorbike Racing Upgrades & Repairs

We all know the basics of maintaining a racing bike; keep it clean, take it for regular maintenance services, keep the tires inflated, ensure that the fluids are replenished… you get the drill. But what about if you encounter a major breakdown; what do you do? What if you want to make major upgrades to your machine to make it faster, safer and easier to handle? Well, read on. We will explore some options.

Motorbike Racing Repair Services

The racing bike is just like a car; it requires periodic maintenance services to prevent total, irreversible breakdown. Now, regular maintenance and minor repairs are your best bet to keep your motorbike at optimal performance (check out Nova racing for more insights). Let’s take a look at some of the most important services that you should give your bike.

Engine Performance Services

You can get your racing bike engine built, tuned or maintained to meet your performance preferences. These services may include total head rebuilds which involves seat cutting and porting, valve, crank shaft and rod replacement, and installing big bore kits, compression pistons and after-market cams.  Read More...


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